Thanks for stopping by. The piece above is my latest piece, created as a commission piece for friends. It was a challenge, in its size and in its subject. The piece is designed for a front window that is two stories high and the only window in the entry way, so it required as much light coming through as possible. My friends live on Blue Crab Lane and wanted blue crabs, so the palette was limited. I used a swirled, textured clear as the background to allow light but to also create movement. I found a blue and white piece to create the body (which is usually brown) and a textured blue glass to create the legs. To give a little bit of contrast, I added some red pieces at the joints (blue crabs have these) and some pinkish/blue/red at the tips of the body. I also used a pale tan for the apron of the crab. All in all, I'm very pleased with the piece, I thought the composition was strong.

Hope they enjoy the piece for years to come. Thanks guys.

Currently, you can find some of my glass work and a few of my photographs at Gallery One in Ocean View, Delaware.

My schedule so far this year for shows is as follows:

Artisans Fair, Saturday, May 28, 9am-3pm Lord Baltimore Elementary School

Bethany Beach Craft Show, Saturday, June 4, 10am-5pm Bethany Beach Boardwalk (glass only)


South Eastern Delaware Artist Studio Tour, Friday & Saturday Thanksgiving weekend, 9am-4pm 

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Jeffrey todd moore

Stained Glass, Photography, Watercolor, Mosaics

"Blue Crab Lane" 32"x 32" Stained Glass Panel